Roundtable on Rwanda & Congo Genocide

The Global Information Network in New York, under the leadership of Lisa Vives, invited natives of the Great Lakes region to participate in a roundtable about the war between Rwanda and Congo. The panelists were Peter Erlinder, Juan Carrera, and Spanish Senator, Pere Sampol.

Since May 2010 and the arrest in Rwanda of Minnesota-based professor Peter Erlinder (now released), there has been a surge of international attention to Rwanda’s “genocide ideology” and the limits placed on freedom of speech.

Juan Carrera of the International Forum for the Truth and Justice in the Great Lakes Region has been working for years against the impunity in the Great Lakes Region, trying to bring Rwandans together to rebuild the country.

Spanish Senator Pere Sampol of PSM-Entesa Nacionalita, fully supports this Campaign and has been very active in demanding official answers from the Spanish government on this issue. Please help us get the word out, invite friends and join us in welcoming these distinguished guests.

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