Must Nigerians Abroad Marry Nigerians?

Nigerians Abroad Marry Many Nigerian parents abroad and at home have expressed preference in seeing their children marry Nigerians. Some are willing to compromise and let the children make their own decisions as to whom to marry. Others have continually insisted their children preserve the Nigerian culture by marrying fellow Nigerians. In this short video, AfricanSpotlight recorded a funny dialogue among three Nigerian parents in New York. Two of them insist that Nigerians abroad should marry Nigerians. One of them says it’s not a must!

  1. Anonymous Reply

    IS A MUST OOO. we understand ourselves. more especially we the igbo, s. we hardly. leave our. matrimonial home in name of divorce .

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Yes is gud becos of culture

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Tiz not a must, coz world is taking a new shape…

  4. Anonymous Reply

    nah u don’t hv to be my dear everyone with own opinions ok

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