The Re-Colonization of Africa

Watch passionate concerns expressed over the renewed scramble for Africa’s resources, the impact of uprisings in North Africa, human rights issues in Togo and Cameroon, the role of NGOs, and the challenges of democracy in South Africa by Five experts in the field. It was organized by Global Information Network and at the 2011 Left Forum in New York.

Andre Kangni Afanou – Lawyer and journalist, secretary general of the Collective of Associations against Impunity in Togo. Consultant to the U.N. High Commission for Human Rights.

Tseliso Thipanyane – former CEO of the South African Human Rights Commission. Graduate of law schools in Lesotho, Western Cape and Cape Town.

Kassahun Checole – President and publisher of Africa World Press and Red Sea Press. An educator who has taught at Rutgers University and El Colegio de Mexico in Mexico City. Member of the Association of Concerned African Scholars and recipient of the African Quintessance Award.

Firoze Manji – Founder and editor in chief director of Pambazuka News, an open-access, pan-African email and online newsletter for social justice. Manji, a Kenyan, has held leadership positions with International Development Research Centre, Aga Khan Foundation and Amnesty International and is a founding member of the steering group for Solidarity for African Women’s Rights.

Valentine “Sphinx” Eben – Sphinx is a member of IMC-Ambazonia and serves on the communications committee of “The Way Forward Network,” a broad-based anti-colonial movement in the Southern Cameroons. Since 1994, he has worked as an organizer and consensus process trainer in social movements in the Africa, Europe and the US. He is also the writer-director of the 2007 documentary “Standing With the Students” which portrays the anti-colonial movement in Ambazonia universities. He is currently working on a screenplay about the genocide in Rwanda and the assasination of the Anti-aparthied Activists Dulcie September.

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