Suicide Bombing in Nigeria – An Effort To Eradicate Western Education

The Nigerian police is presently investigating the first suicide bomb blast that occurred about 11:00 am Thursday, outside the police headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.
Nigerian police spokesman Olusola Amore, says the suicide bomber was driving into Louis Edet House when the police intercepted him at the gate, suspecting a package in his car. He was led to the parking lot escorted by a warden for thorough searching of the package. Once at the center of the parking lot, the driver detonated the bomb killing himself and the warden and destroying everything around a 100 yards. Several people were wounded and more than 30 cars were destroyed. Fire stations in Abuja have tried to put out the blaze for hours.

The body of the suicide bomber has been recovered, and the Nigerian police stated that full investigation has commenced.
“Members of the public are assured that the criminal elements behind this dastardly attack will be fished out as the government, the Police and other security agencies will not succumb to the demand of any criminal group or individual,” said Amore, in a statement, hours after the blast.

Meanwhile, a Militant Islamist group, Boko Haram is claiming responsibility for the suicide bombing in an interview on Thursday with Voice Of America. Their spokesman, Usman Alzawahiri says “We are behind it, and we are going to attack the entire north and other parts of the country, including the capital, Abuja.” He adds that Boko Haram personnel just returned from Somalia five days ago and have been scattered around northern parts of the country. He says they are advising everyone to beware.

Picture by AP

Earlier this week, the group had laid out its conditions for a ceasefire and government-proposed peace talks.
However, Alzawahiri told VOA that for the moment, those efforts at reconciliation had collapsed and security agencies should prepare for intensified attacks.

Boko Haram claimed responsibility earlier this month for a series of bombings that killed 16 people after President Goodluck Jonathan’s inauguration.

The group is also blamed for the killings of Muslim and Christian religious leaders and at least three bomb attacks this month in Borno State.

The group’s name in the Hausa language means “Western education is a sin.” It seeks to undermine state authority and calls for the stricter application of sharia, or Islamic law, in Nigeria.

  1. Kolawole Olatunde Reply

    The bomb blast tells more of our security porousity. How on earth this happened to the Nigerian Force Headquarters, it is really a shame. Anyway, as i said, it ginger us to be proactive to our security challenges. But one thing i want to add is that, i do not believe Boko Haram claiming responsibility, it is a way of misdirection. Let police investigate thoroughly to bring the perpetrators to book. Nigeria Police should not be distracted by confusionists like Boko haram. Thanks. Latunde Kolawole

  2. Elora Reply

    All of my questions settled thanks!

    • Nate Reply

      is all these attacks ar for ioriglen purpose or bokoharam ar trying to sabotage goodluck govt?but what boko haram do not understand is dat its inocent nigerians dat surfers the pain,its inocent souls dat get killed in every attack boko haram plan,is this what we are goin to continue to experince for the nest 3 nd half years?may god just save us from this wickedness act.

  3. sadiya Reply

    hellow, my coment to u is not much, just to say, may Almighty creator protect any innocent person in this problem. thanks and Godbless.

  4. John Reply

    There’s definately a lot to find out about this topic. I love all the points you’ve made.

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