Africans In New York Express Concerns About A Suicide Bombing In Nigeria

In this video, some Africans in New York voiced their concerns about the first suicide bombing that occurred in Nigeria on June 16. The Nigerian police is presently investigating the bomb blast which took place outside their headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

E.C. Ejiogu from Nigeria
It is a tragic affair, but this is not the first time, I wonder why people should be so perplexed about it. It has been happening over and over in the last few months. So it is a continuation of the instability that is evident in the system of a society that doesn’t want to be responsive to what it should do to solve the issues politically.
When have the police in Nigeria been efficient or realistic? We’ve been having crisis, which one of them has been solved by the police? So don’t just mention the police.

Ama Mensah from Ghana
I think it’s tragic and just horrific. And the fact that it was actually done at the police headquarters is just something that brings to scale how global terrorism has become in the world today. Who would have thought that in Africa you would have Islamic terrorist sects?
I pray and hope that the Nigerian police do put a stop to it, but at this point in time, their previous actions don’t give me much confidence. This is not the first time to my knowledge that Boko Haram has acted and blown things up, but up till now, there has been no apprehension. This group seems to be going on and on and they don’t seem to be stopped.

Mohamed Bah from Guinea
I was shocked and very surprised. We already have enough trouble in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea where am from, we don’t want suicide bombing in Africa.
To be honest, I do not trust the Nigerian police; that’s my personal opinion. The reason is that Nigeria has a long record of corruption going on, and it’s very hard to now trust them.

Omoyele Sowore from Nigeria
When they were about to detonate the bomb, the traffic officer entered the car with the suicide bomber and was directing him. The reason why the Nigerian police do that is because when they catch you, they would enter your car so that you can negotiate bribe with them. But this person he was in the car with was not in the mood to pay bribe because he was about to pay the supreme price for his own convictions, so that was how the traffic officer died. There were a lot of injuries; the police are still hiding it.

Fungai Maboreke from Zimbabwe
It’s not something unexpected but it’s quite disturbing in the sense that it is a suicide bombing from an Islamic sect, and this is quite a threat to the security system of the country. And it causes a certain amount of concern on how safe the place is.
I do not have confidence in the Nigerian police system, not at all. Because there is corruption everywhere and crime all over the place and they haven’t been able to curtail it.

Sadou Barry from Guinea
Right now, we should be thinking of how to rebuild our countries, we shouldn’t even be thinking at all of suicide bombing like this. I was shocked when I heard.
I won’t say I don’t trust the Nigerian police, but I don’t think they’re doing their job the way they’re supposed to be doing it. They have to do better.

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