Gaddafi Using Women Army, Talks of Blowing Up Capital

In this video by Al Jazeera, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is recruiting and training more women soldiers, some of them from other African countries, supplying them with more than enough ammunition.

Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi is talking of blowing up Tripoli, the capital of his country, if his opponents – the rebels, take over that city. Since the beginning of this month, he has intensified the training of his women army that has been fighting for him on the front line.

Picture: Imed Lamloum/AFP

This North African leader is reported to possess more ammunition than the rebels who want him to relinquish power.
“If the rebels seize the city, we will cover it with missiles and blow it up,” says his prime minister to Russian newspaper Izvestia
“Gaddafi has not yet used a single surface-to-surface missile, of which he has more than enough. This makes one doubt that the regime is running out of weapons,” adds Mikhail Margelov, according to the Russian paper.

While NATO, France, and Italy have spoken of negotiating a deal with Gaddafi’s emissaries to end the conflict, the rebels say they will accept nothing less than the departure of the Libyan leader and his family.

But Gaddafi refuses to relinquish power. The 69-year-old has ruled the African country for 42 years coming this September.
Speaking on a recent visit to Brussels, Mahmoud Jebril, a senior member of the rebel council says, “All this talk about negotiations taking place between the regime and the rebel council are totally false claims.”

Gaddafi insists he has the support of the majority of the Libyan people. He calls the rebels armed criminals and al Qaeda militants. Also, he calls the NATO campaign an act of colonial aggression aimed at stealing Libya’s oil resources.

Picture: Ivan Sekretarev/AP

Libyan Capital, Tripoli

Libyan Capital, Tripoli

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