Nigeria Promises Stable Electricity While Partnering With Germany

Electricity in Nigeria may soon become stable if all goes according to a new plan between President Goodluck Jonathan and Germany. Already, Nigeria has such commission with two other nations – South Africa and the United States.

After a closed-door meeting between Jonathan and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel in the presidential Villa, Abuja, the two announced their plan to work together to better Nigeria’s energy, gas, education, and security sectors.

“I have decided that we further intensify relations between Nigeria and Germany,” said Merkel. “Energy partnership will no doubt constitute a very important area for that intensified cooperation.”

Jonathan added, “We agreed that we will have a strong bi-national commission that will be meeting from time to time to discuss things that are dear to the two nations, so that we will be able to move faster.

Trade between Germany and Nigeria reached 3.5 billion dollars in 2010, according to the German-Nigerian Business Association. Nigeria’s main export is crude oil, while imports from Germany include machinery and other industrial goods.

The two leaders agreed to set up a bi-national commission “to oversee the expansion of economic cooperation,” said Jonathan.

(Photo by Afolabi Sotunde)

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