Fashola Orders Mass Demolition To Curb Future Floods In Lagos

Governor Babatunde Fashola has ordered the demolition of all illegal structures sitting on canals and drainage channels, including churches, schools, and residential buildings in Lagos, Nigeria. By Monday, July 18, the list of the buildings marked for demolition will be released.

The governor added that all the structures without planning permit from the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, will be pulled down, in order for water to flow properly into the right drainage channels and not into people’s homes.

“I have directed all ministries and agencies to go out and ensure that, while being civil and courteous, they strictly enforce the regulations,” he said. “Many of the places where the impact of this flood is devastating are where people have built very closely to the canal which is like people literally going to meet the water in its course,” he added.

After touring Lagos to examine the extent of the damage caused by the recent flood, Fashola expressed his disapproval of structures erected without building plans, especially in Lekki and Ajah areas. He also condemned careless refuse dumping.

The governor also spotted illegal structures on Coastal Road, near Silverbird Communications headquarters, which had caused the flood in that area last weekend.

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    Its high time b4 something worse happens.

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