Africans Witnessed Underwater Wedding In Mexico

Africans were among over 200 certified scuba divers who attended the wedding of two shark maniacs in Cancun, Mexico earlier today. The couple exchanged vows 16 feet under water, in order to raise awareness to the plight of endangered sharks.

Karla Munguia, who is 43, floated in her white gown next to the groom, 41-year-old Alberto dal Lago who added a bow tie to his scuba outfit.

They exchanged rings and kissed briefly before swimming to the surface for more kissing.

The couple said they both have a common love for sharks, which the International Union for the Conservation of Nature has listed as vulnerable and endangered specie, due to overfishing and changes in their ecosystem brought on by human activities.

The wedding was officiated by Civil Judge, Jorge Denis and his secretary, who had to learn scuba diving in order to lead the ceremony.

Over 300 guests from South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, France, and Italy were invited to the underwater wedding, but only 205 attended. This crushed the couple’s hope of breaking the world record for the largest underwater wedding. The current record was set by an Italian couple who had 261 guests at their wedding in 2010.

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