Border Commission To Resolve Nigeria-Cameroon Border Issues

The Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission, CNMC, an organization backed by United Nations, held a meeting today in Abuja, Nigeria. The purpose of the 2-day meeting is to continue discussions on the remaining border issues between the two African countries. The UN Office for West Africa, UNOWA, gave the report.

The two countries requested for the establishment of the commission from the UN to help implement a 2002 decision by the International Court of Justice, on the delineation of the border. The commission has reached agreement on more than 1,600 kilometers (994 miles) of a total border estimated at 1,950 kilometers (1,211.68 miles).

They set a goal at their last meeting to settle the remaining 350 kilometres as fast as possible. The on-going meeting focuses on the practical measures to be taken to translate this into reality.

The commission will also deliberate on issues related to assistance to the affected border populations with a view of meeting their socio-economic needs and building mutual confidence.

Special Representative of the Secretary-General for West Africa, Said Djinnit, chairs the commission. The commission comprises of delegations from Cameroon, Nigeria and the UN.

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