Nigerian Ex-Soccer Star, Rashidi Yekini Is Now Doing Good

One of Africa’s greatest footballers, Rashidi Yekini has been through difficult times lately. He is said to have been through mental stress, believed to be pathological, though there was no proof.

Contrary to the circulating rumor that he is homeless, he has a four bedroom flat in Ibadan.

The ex-soccer star was said to have always depended on his late confidant, Ibrahim, a very wealthy bureau de change operator in Ibadan. His death made things worse for him. The incident was said to have nearly turned him destitute.

However, report now has it that his family who had initially abandoned him to his fate had come to his rescue. He is trying to venture into a new business after unsuccessful attempts in the past.

  1. EYAM ODEY Reply

    Thank God for him… he didn’t quit!

  2. Chyna Reply

    Thanks for sharing. What a plesaure to read!


    I’m glad, my man is back, is realy great n so i give glory 2 whom it’s due.

  4. Ipakz Reply

    Glad to hear that he is getting back on his feet .

    Wish him well, ALL THE BEST.


  5. Chris Reply

    Thank god for keeping him alive

  6. Samdegreat Reply

    Thank God for him,God will permanently heal him for us.One love Nigerians.

  7. sam Reply

    Thank God for keeping him alive, But how could nigeria government abadon a man that has given all he could to his country?very sad.

  8. Lamine Reply

    It’s a great pleasure to learn that Yekini is “back”. The information shortly delivered in Senegalese press has been a great shock for many reasons:
    – In 1992 during the African cup of Nations organised here, the Senegalese team was beaten by Nigeria with Yekini who finished best scorer of the tournament;
    – Now the best national wrestler is nicknamed Yekini.
    I will also point out at that time Yekini was nicknamed in Senegal “Yëkëmi” (pronounce ‘Yeukeumi’) and that means the “The Bull” for his strength.
    Thanks God for his improvement for the pleasure he injected in all hearts through Africa and the World.

  9. Mathew Mark Reply

    Thank God that our man is back, may you live and reap the fruit of your labour

  10. Mathew Mark Reply

    Thank God that our man is back, may you live and reap the fruit of your labour Amen. Government please learn how to honour past heros.

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