What I do To Sustain My Marriage —Nollywood’s Omotola Jalade

Rumors have spread that the beautiful Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde’s matrimonial home is experiencing some cracks, but the mother of four has finally laid the rumors to rest.

This is the secret behind her unharmed marriage in her own words:

“Being married to somebody outside showbiz is an advantage for me. So I’m imagining maybe that could help. He is not in my profession, so I don’t see him often, and I’m not in his own profession, so he doesn’t see me often, too. We don’t see each other often. So, I guess that gives us space which is important in marriage. He has space and I have space. Don’t forget that a marriage is a partnership of two individuals.

“I had my life before I met him and the same goes for him, so we need to understand and respect each other’s freedom and individuality. I think the reason why a lot of marriages run into trouble is because the couples don’t understand that they are two different people and are into a partnership of and for life.

“The purpose of us coming together is to try see how to make each other’s life bearable and not unbearable. I mean, you shouldn’t be in my business all the time and I shouldn’t be in yours. When it is time for us to collaborate and think about how to make our lives more enjoyable and sweeter, we will do that and when it’s time for me to figure out myself I need my partner to get out of my situation; that is totally important. But like I always say, I think the highest part of it is the fear of God.

“If you fear God and you know that you do not necessarily have to answer to him or her it makes things easier because you know that you have a higher being to answer to. So even when you make mistakes, you report yourself to God first and foremost, so that he can help you out, and then you can go ahead to sort it out with the human being(s). But the good thing is that you wouldn’t even do all those naughty stuffs that break marriages because you know somebody up there is watching you.”

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