South Sudan Rebel Leader Killed

South Sudan rebel leader, Gatluak Gai was killed Saturday just days after he signed a cease-fire agreement with the new South Sudan government. Gai began his rebellion after last year elections, when the candidate he supported was not elected governor of a state. The South Sudan army and a rebel source in Unity state say Gatluak Gai was shot dead.

There are conflicting reports on who is responsible for his death. The South Sudan’s Army, SPLA said he was killed by his own men, but other rebels said Gai was lured into a trap by the army who assassinated him.

The army spokesman denied this. He said Gai had been killed in a fight with his deputy, after he changed his mind about the peace agreement.
Gai headed one of several militias in the newest African country. He is survived by many children, and nine of his boys fought in his militia. Also one of his daughters is married to Gen Peter Gadet, leader of another active rebel group in South Sudan.

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