Sharia Council Wants Soldiers Out Of Borno

The Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria, SCSN, have supported the leaders of Borno State demanding that the Joint Task Force, JTF, tracking Boko Haram should withdraw from Maiduguri in order for peace to return.

The JTF is “using unbalanced force in its attempt to restore peace and order in Borno State. Innocent people are being killed. Women were being raped while property belonging to people were being plundered. We call on the federal government to respect the wishes of the elders and leaders of Borno State and withdraw the JTF in order to pave way for the genuine resolution of the problem,” said Dr. Ibrahim Datti Ahmad, national president OF SCSN in a press conference in Kaduna.

He also expressed the satisfaction of SCSN with the introduction of Islamic Banking in Nigeria. He said that Muslims are happy that the bank has become a reality after much effort.

On the controversy concerning Islamic banking, he said, “There is nothing illegal. If they (Christians) have a Christian bank they want to establish, they are free to bring it to the CBN and if they approve their case, a Christian bank will be opened.”

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