Uganda: Makerere University Vice Chancellor Accused Of Rape

The Vice Chancellor of Makerere University in Uganda, Venansius Baryamureeba is presently being investigated by Uganda Human Rights Commission for an alleged rape of a 26-year-old female.

The woman filed a complaint with the Human Rights body on July 15, claiming she is now more than two months pregnant as a result of the alleged rape. She claims she was raped on March 3 at her home in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb.

The Chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission, Mr Med Kaggwa, confirmed that his office had received the claim, but he declined to divulge any information about the case.

Kaggwa, however, said he will be appointing a committee later this week to investigate the claims. He added that the complaint is being treated as a sensitive case because of the high profile of the defendant.

The complainant, in an interview with Ugandan Daily Monitor, said she could not comment on the matter because it is now before the human rights body. But in her statement to the Uganda Human Rights Commission, the complainant accuses Baryamureeba of forcing her to have sex with him despite her protests.

According to her, she met Baryamureeba for a drink with two other male friends the day of the incident. She says the VC later insisted on driving her home and, after entering her house at around 2am, refused to leave because he was “drunk and it was late.”

Baryamureeba then allegedly agreed to sleep on the sofa but later in the night moved to the complainant’s bed and forcibly had sex with her. “He moved into my bedroom and in my deep sleep, I realized that someone was on me. He then forcibly had sex with me, amidst my protests that I am not safe and I don’t have intimate relations with you and you could be sick,” she wrote.

She added, “He overpowered me, completed his sex round and immediately dressed up and rushed out. He also requested of me not to report to police for the sake of his position and future political ambitions.”

Her statement is supported by a medical report from Kitante Medical Centre, that the alleged victim “was assaulted and raped by a boyfriend last evening around 3am.” The statement also describes the injuries she suffered.

Since the alleged incident, she has emailed Baryamureeba at least three times, on April 29, May 2, and July 8, telling him that she was pregnant with his baby, but she claims she has received no reply.

On July 8, she wrote: “Mr. Baryamureeba, you raped me, leaving me pregnant and homeless. You have managed to split me and my family members. You have not done anything to help me with the current situation apart from telling me lies and ask me to sleep with you every time we meet.”

The victim ends her email with a threat, saying, “I am going to kill myself and you will have my blood on your hands.” According to her statement to the Uganda Human Rights Commission, she had met with Baryamureeba five times. But, she writes, “In all the meetings, he has demanded for sex which I have since refused.”

She says she also went with her relatives to meet the VC on July 1 at his office in Makerere but he declined to meet them, saying he was not meeting anyone that day. Prof. Baryamureeba could not be reached for comment.

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