Suspected Boko Haram Militant Killed In A gun battle

Soldiers from the Joint Task Force, JTF, in Borno state, Nigeria, shot a suspected Boko Haram militant on Tuesday in a gun battle.

Spokesperson for the troops, Lt. Col. Hassan Mohammed, reported in Maiduguri, the state capital that the late militant fired several shots before he was overpowered by the soldiers.

“The suspect arrived a military check point at Goumari Costain in a car and as soon as our men began to ask him questions he brought out an AK 47 rifle from his dress,” he said.

“A soldier began to shout armed robber on sighting the rifle and the suspect immediately began rapid firing at the soldiers in a bid to escape arrest and the soldiers engaged him in a duel before he eventually died,” he added.

“Our intention was to get him alive so he could give out information about his group. Sadly he died in a cross fire exchange but the other occupants of the car managed to escape during the gun battle,” he said.

“This is a victorious encounter, it also goes to show that the Boko Haram militants also use gun in addition to the Improvised Explosive Devise, IED, in carrying out attacks,” the military spokesperson added.

The violence by this sect was started in the state in July, 2009, during which many were killed, some wounded and properties were destroyed. The sect’s leader Mohammed Yusuf and his alleged financier Buji Foi were killed in a counter attack by the security operative.

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