Uganda: Islamic Dressing Goes Trendy

Islamic dressing goes trendy in Uganda with the introduction of colorful hijabs by designer Aisha Muwonge. Hijab is traditionally known as the black dress worn by Muslim women, covering almost every part of their body. Black is just about the only color known, but Muwonge says this should not be the case.

“We are introducing new colors though keeping it to conservative colors still, but Muslims can be able to dress in sports hijab, t-shirts, hoodies and Islamic bags, Islamic vase and pins, et cetera,” she said.

Muwonge explained that this would help Muslim youths who are abandoning descent wears to rethink their decision. The hijabs are made in more colors, designs and makes, courtesy of a UK-based Islamic design house.

“You will be able to get the hijabs and other Muslim attires in cotton, denim, silk, so we can go back to what the Quran requires without being indecent be it in office, mosque, at a party and sports events,” she added.

Recently, Muwonge showcased trendy hijabs at Grand Imperial under her label ‘Silk Route.’ She says the purpose of ‘Silk Route’ is to connect the emerging Western cultures with the thriving Eastern traditions. Silk’s new introduction is therefore a revival of exciting new women’s clothing brand.

Also, the showcase made a loud statement that whatever size, everyone can be smart and trendy, as the runaways did not just attract slim models but those with ‘full-blown’ African figures.

Muwonge states that Silk Route Brand was born with today’s Muslim in mind: The Muslim who interacts with and enriches the diverse communities she lives in. “Sisters wanting to convey their faith and identity through a stylish and contemporary look will find that the Silk Route hijab reaches beyond all expectations,” she explains.

She adds that these designs are to appeal to those looking out for simple yet sophisticated look and to those who love to express their uniqueness through empowering design concepts.

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