Pentecostal Fellowship – We Oppose Islamization Of Nigeria

Addressing the ongoing debate on Islamic banking, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria said its objection to the proposal is not against the system but against Islamization.

The PFN, in a statement on Thursday by its National Secretary, Pastor Wale Adefarasin, advised that a debate on the issue should be encouraged.

“Avoiding the discussion of the real issues this subject raises, by accusing Nigeria’s Christian leaders of Islamaphobia, reduces the debate to a question of religion, which is regrettable and a diversion,” it said.

The group explained that Nigeria’s founding fathers recognized the need to keep the country from disintegrating due to its religious plurality and therefore enshrined secularity in the nation’s constitution.

“The objections being voiced were the Islamization of non-interest banking as a concept and driving of the very specific ‘Islamic banking’ by the Central Bank of Nigeria, which by our constitution is a secular body,” it said.

The PFN also advised the Central Bank of Nigeria to issue guidelines for “Profit and Loss Sharing Banking or non-interest banking” and allow religious groups to regulate the faith-based aspects of their banking services.

  1. 'deji Reply

    Every indicator points to the fact that islamists have been making stealth moves to islamize Nigeria.Religion is such a volatile issue that must be treated with utmost caution if we want to avert another bout of bloodletting.Constitution wise,Nigeria is a secular state and the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) happens to fall under the congressional oversight of the federal government.It is then alarming when such a publicly funded institution is found painstakinly championing the institutionalization of an Islamic agenda and at the same time fending off dissenting voices from opposite religious groups.What then are they up to?
    Like all regulatory bodies,the CBN is mandated to provide level playing field for all prospective bodies under them.It is true that non-interest form of banking is an option under our banking system,why then do the CBN have to issue separate guidelines for Islamic banking?
    Licences are issued to Universities based on the fact that they have met certain conditions and not because of religious affiliation or otherwise;why can’t the CBN do the same?
    If they keep spending public money in entrenching an Islamic institution and at the same time turning deaf ears to opposing views,then,every sensor must be on red alert.

    By the way,since Islamic Banking is wholly sharia inspired,the CBN should leave it to Islamic bodies to promote afterall,CBN is only a regulatory body.

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