Kenya: Police Raid Houses Arresting Terrorism Suspects

Households were raided in Majengo, Mombasa county by more than 10 police officers, arresting terrorism suspects on Friday night. During the raid that took place at about 2.30am, the police forcefully entered the houses and disconnected electricity before asking all the residents to surrender.

Three suspected terrorists were arrested. Ibrahim Juma Faraj, a clearing and forwarding official, was one of the arrested suspects. The 30-year-old businessman is single and lives with his parents in Majengo.

The officers’ operation took more than one hour as they searched for evidence. They opened all places and turned out all the items in the house.

The mother of the businessman, Aziza Mohamed Kapera said the police officers broke the door using a grenade before demanding everybody in the house to surrender.

“The police broke into the house and demanded all of us walk out while our hands are raised, initially, we thought they are thugs,” she said.

According to her, the police searched the house for all valuables and took away her son’s wallet and other valuables.

She said the police had no search warrant and while searching the house, they beat up her son with the electricity lights still disconnected.

Coast PPO, James Adoli confirmed the incident but added that the police who conducted the arrest were from Nairobi. He was yet to get a brief from them after which he would give a comprehensive statement.

“I’m aware of the incident, the police who conducted the raid are based in Nairobi, I’m still waiting to get the brief from them,” he said.

The Majengo residents claimed the police officers also arrested another suspect from the Mombasa Municipal stadium. But there was no information on the third suspect.

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