Sam Loco – Another Nollywood Actor Dies

Another veteran Nollywood actor, Sam Loco Efe, is dead. Report says the 66-year-old comedian died Sunday morning in his hotel room after returning from location at Owerri in Imo State, Nigeria.

Imo State Police spokesman, Linus Nwaiwu said, “We have received the information on the death of Sam Loco Efe from the hotel. Our homicide unit is still working on the information.”

Also, President of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Segun Arinze said, “Yes, it is true that Sam Loco passed away tragically in his hotel room. I will be making a statement on Monday (today).” Arinze revealed that the late actor had just recently finished a new movie titled “The Unknown Prophet,” shot in Yenegoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. He said the veteran actor had moved to Owerri to commence the editing of the movie.

Sam’s death comes shortly after the Nigerian movie industry buried another actor, Ashley Nwosu who died in April. He was buried in June.

Late Chief Sam Loco Efe was a multifaceted actor, writer and singer. As a trained artist, Sam will be remembered as Nollywood’s finest. His skills and dexterity on and off camera is unmatched as many see him as a true gem of the ever growing Nigerian movie industry.

The Enugu-born actor has been in the Nigerian film industry since 1960 and has starred and appeared in several movies including A Fool at 40, Games Fools Play, Magic Cup, German Wahala, Old Cargos, Across the River, Brain Box, and Men on the Run.

Details of his death will be published once confirmed. Click to watch two of his funny scenes, “Loco won’t Embrace Disgrace” & “Grammatical Clash”:

  1. patrick Reply

    i realy like this man soo much

  2. Igedu stephen Reply

    Uncle sam i miss u

  3. Saleh Egonga Badhaga Reply

    Wen i heard about the death of sam loco and read the overwhelming condolence messages, i was humbled by the very fact that in an instant Almighty God can recall our greatness. But again i was consoled by the fact that my once un matched comedian will be leaving behind a legacy that some of us may only equal in dreams. Your works will out live you, who am i not to celebrate your life? Bon Voyage, my man that is the way for all of us, you just went early.

  4. pat Reply

    may his rest in peace indid i have missed him sam is my main actor i like hi so much

  5. MUSAFIRI Reply

    surely we hae missed this library may the almighty God bring up another talented artist like him for the world to learn from.

  6. Kepo Moses John Reply

    Its so sad to loose our fellow actors and artists
    We wished to learn more from them such that we can take over, but all seems to be invein.
    May his soul rest in eternal peace Amen

  7. felix romeo Reply

    it is painful,may his soul rest in perfect peace

  8. Anyango Reply

    so sad we have missed talented and intelligent comedian and actor. i loved the way he was talking, may your soul rest in eternal peace.

  9. Iges stephen Reply

    Uncle sam i find it difficult 2 enjoy my favourite (comedy) how wish there is a chance 2 ce each other again uncle sam I LOVE U may ur rascar soul rest in peace AMEN

  10. Obiadada Reply

    Now I know why sam is dead. God was anger so he need someone to make him happy so he decided, sam to come and make him happy. and sam want to make he happy and i know that God is now happy. Sam man for all may your soul rest in perfect peace Amen. Good nite my man I miss you

  11. Tessy Onyejike Reply

    Sam was my best man among the Nollywood Actor his death came as a suprisd to me that faitfull sunday morning i and my family we love you but God loves you most sleep well my geam till we part to meet no more Aduie Aduie Aduie.

  12. maria Reply

    sorry about that sad news of the death of that wonderful and talented actor.

    may his soul rest in eternal peace.

  13. Sylvo Majestica Doss Reply

    It is rather unfortunate, may his soul rest in peace!

  14. ray j Reply

    He was like my sunshine; I smile each time i see him on stage

  15. Queenmagdalene Reply

    Did u know dat, uptill nw, i ws still dreaming dat my only joy in nig nolly, has gone and is gone 4ever’ ooh i dont think i can accept it, bt iam nttg to confront GOD about it, Aah uncle sam, i can nt forget u till we meet again in heaven. I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiisd u. May ur jentle soul rest in perfect peace AMEN.

  16. brimstone of st.lucia Reply

    this man was one of my best nollywood actor may his soul rest in perfect peace remember christ is our lord worship him and learned to believe he is the true son of the almighty our heavenly father

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