SSS Arrests Boko Haram Leaders

Seven key chieftains of the dreaded Boko Haram sect have been arrested in Minna, Niger state last weekend by some operatives of the State Security Service, SSS.

Sources said the lead suspect is a Lagos-based businessman, whose name was given as Yusuff. Minna has been his operational base in recent times and was present in the state on two occasions when bombs went off in Suleja.

Sources in the administration said six other loyalists of the said kingpin were arrested in a swoop by the security forces.

It was further confirmed that serious surveillance had been mounted on the said Yusuff for sometime now, especially when it was confirmed that his visits to Niger State coincided with the two bomb blasts that rocked the state recently.

The arrest was said to have been effected on Saturday, with six others linked to the Boko Haram sect also arrested the same day in the state.

The suspect is said to have been linked with another highly placed person, whose identity is being kept under wraps, a source said.

“The said Yusuff is usually in the state when bombs explode and he promptly returns to Lagos afterwards, so people watched him overtime and they discovered some strange movements. The close watch led to the arrest of the kingpin and six others,” a source stated.

Further investigations to possibly link the man with operations of Boko Haram not only in Niger State but across the Northern states have commenced.

  1. Desmond Oradi Reply

    I like the way the Naija police are handling dis case pls keep it on.

  2. Emma Ajaga Reply

    Catch them! They must tell us who is the brain behind this devilish act. No longer politics! Anyone involved must be penalised.

  3. Elijah Udoh David Reply

    D Nigerian police re nt d people we should ever trust.y?4 many reasons. They make laws,put in their hands and they wil neva abide by it. They are behind all d crimes and coruption that happen in d world, do u think police are nt always involved?

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