Mozambique – Japan To Build 10 schools And Training Institute

The government of Japan, through its International Cooperation Agency, JICA, is to fund the construction of 10 schools in several districts from the northern Mozambican province of Nampula and a teacher’s training institute, according to Mozambican news agency, AIM.

The project includes the construction of teacher’s training institute, said Filipe Samuel, an architect from the National Directorate of Planning of the Education Ministry.

Samuel also said each school to be built is budgeted at US$1.7 million. He added that the Mozambican authorities and their Japanese partners will later meet in Maputo to discuss the project and determine the total cost of the construction.

“For several years Japan has been supporting the education sector in Mozambique and is set to support the construction of 10 secondary schools and a new teacher’s training institute in Nampula. The project will cover a number of districts, and should start next year”, said Samuel.

November last year, the construction of two secondary schools in the neighbourhoods of Nkobe and Khongolote, budgeted at US$4 million, and another two in Chissano and Mandlakazi, costing US$3 million started and are expected to be handed over to the government by November this year.

The Education Ministry has been focusing on construction of new secondary schools across the country to meet the demand created by the increased number of primary schools.

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