Nigeria: Tukur Wants Entrepreneurial Studies In School Curriculum

The President of African Business Roundtable, ABR, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur has said entrepreneurial studies should be introduced into the curriculum of schools right from primary to the tertiary institutions.

He said this at a book presentation titled “the entrepreneurial revolution: A solution for poverty eradication,” written by Peter Osalor, the ABR President said that by such introduction, every Nigerian youth will have an idea of what to do if unemployed.

He said that entrepreneurial reawakening and its sustenance can be achieved in Nigeria if it is embedded into the mindset of the citizens.

“This concept should be introduced not as ‘quick fix and soon to be discarded solution’ whose effect will wear off over time but as a culture,” he said.

He said that Nigeria will not be the first country to embark on such an entrepreneurial revolution as advocated by the author in the book, adding that there are Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) which are models of the entrepreneurial development and are counted among the developed economies of the World.

Reviewing the book, former Chief Economic Adviser to the President, Professor Kessey Garba said that the 212-page book explores the growing phenomenon of entrepreneurial activity, particularly its potential for reducing poverty in Nigeria and similar countries.

She said that the entrepreneurial revolution advocated by the author is a radical and coordinated attempt to accelerate wealth creation through the promotion of innovative business practice.

He said the launching is very timely, especially now that the federal government has expressed a commitment to transforming the Nigerian economy.

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