A Chat With Titilayo Oyinbo & Kayode Oyinbo In New York

Meet Titilayo and Kayode, two American students learning Yoruba in college and who recently spent 9 months perfecting the language in Nigeria. A talented drum player, Kayode opened this short video with his ‘Banta’ performance when the duo visited a Nigerian restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.

In this video, recorded in the studio of SaharaTV, you will find out why they decided to take on the adventure, and much more!



Titilayo (Cara Harshman):

Kayode (Kevin Barry):

  1. Abeni Reply

    Ve impressive indeed. we should learn something from this.

  2. Akinyemi Onigbinde Reply

    It is instructive to Yoruba people that while they are struggling very heard to unlearn their God-given culture,by ensuring that their children find it difficult to speak the language”,since they will prefer to communicate with them in English,others outside of their culture are seeing the benefit in the language and culture.We can just pray that our people will not,in the future,have to seek Admission in American Univerdity to learn Yoruba language and values

    • Asma Reply

      Powerful commentary. I am one of those children of Yoruba descent born in Brooklyn. My own Yoruba father told me I did not need to learn our mother tongue. He said I already speak the universal language … English. Imagine how hurt I was then and now watching this.

  3. JoJo Reply

    This left me speechless. Awesome!

  4. lateef Reply

    this is unbelievable

  5. lateef Reply


  6. Akinbolade OLuropo Reply

    This is really the most amazing thing I’ve experienced in a life time. Titilayo o se orire. Wa pe laye. Idi ti ofi lo re ka ede yoruba ni ile yoruba a yori si rere. ori re o ni gba abode. You have thoughts us all a great cultural lesson. I feel like learning more about other people culture now. job welldone Sahara TV

  7. Akinbolade OLuropo Reply

    Kayode I dey feel you. oloun o ni je o ku iku obirin. You are to much.

  8. Akinbolade OLuropo Reply

    I love Kayode so much. Kayode oko gbogbo omege. I like you. You are very funny. Kayode o jasi. you are the funniest Yoruba man I have ever seen. Ah ah. O ma n pa yan leri

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Interesting and impressive.

  10. Anonymous Reply

    titi i love you

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