Nigeria: State Security Monitors Religious Sermons In Kogi

State Security Service(SSS) personnel have started monitoring sermons in mosques and churches in Kogi State, Nigeria. The act is meant to prevent the spread of religious speeches that can inflame and provoke violence.

The Director of Security Services for Kogi State, Mike Fubar, said that his organization will also monitor the outdoor preaching and other religious events.

Fubar added that preachers have to undergo a security check and obtain the authorization of the SSS to carry out their activities. He also stressed that surveillance has been strengthened at hotels to prevent dangerous individuals to use such places as operational bases for criminal activity.

The leaders of law enforcement agencies also held series of meetings with representatives of banks and companies operating in the state to establish measures to reinforce security in their offices.

Such measures put in place in Kogi state have really helped in minimizing the activities of the Boko Haram sect.

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