Nigeria: 72 Inmates Freed Due To Prison Congestion

About 72 prison inmates from the old and new Minna prisons have been set free by the Chief Judge of Niger State, Justice Jibrin Ndajiwo. 48 of them were from Minna old prison and 24 from the new prison, including a female.

Justice Ndajiwo, while speaking during the short ceremony that preceded their release said he saw some of the prisoners who were very sick and needed urgent medical attention beyond the kind of medications provided within the prison.

“Prisoners that regained their freedom are inmates that have almost served out their terms and those who have shown remorse for the offence that brought them into confinement and those that are sick and could not be treated while in prison custody,” he said.

He urged them to be of good behavior and avoid acts that could lead them back to prisons telling them that the essence of prison custody was to remould humans and not a breeding place for hardened criminals.

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