Facebook Crime Becoming Rampant

Since 2004 when Facebook was founded by the then Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg, it has continued to help connect people to their long lost friends, family and loved ones. The site has affected the social life and activities of people in various ways, reuniting lost family members and friends.

As useful as it is, you face a great risk if you do not protect your account from people with suspicious motives.

Several criminal activities, such as scams, robberies, online bullying, phishing, and many other forms of illegal activities, is increasing and getting more sophisticated. Even crimes such as sexual predation and robberies, are rampant.

The privacy of Facebook users has also been an issue, and the safety of user accounts has been compromised several times. Experts are trying to figure out why these crimes are happening at such a rapid rate. “These types of crimes are designed to use your own actions or weaknesses against you,” Lynette Owens, director of Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids & Families, said.

Users are advised to learn to be more cautious of what they click on the social network. It is also good to secure all settings and also consider what your friends can show about you. Doing so will reduce the crime rate.

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    Nigeria!for christ sake,y is it dt there is almost no opportunity given2Nigerians that is not abused?fbk is a social network dt is not opened to the whole world,fellow Nigerians lets stop abusing all soc. networks,jus lik it happened in a cafe yesterday wen some1 faked his identity to impress an american lady all for money.wen ll Nigeria be subtracted from the World corrupt nation?lets begin a move and stop internet&social network scams and it begins wit ourselves.

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    , a violent rievlutoon in Nigeria would be more detrimental than beneficial in my opinion because there are too many moving parts. Violence would allow various fringe elements, now kept in check, to take advantage of the insecurity. Consider the fact that Boko Haram recently raged violence in the north. From all I have heard there remain elements that would pursue similar action if allowed to. Think about AFRICOM. Do you know AFRICOM was partially (well, in large part) created to increase American access to oil and that the US has been planning/preparing via war games for the collapse of Nigeria as a nation so that at that time they can come in under the aegis of helping but with the concrete idea of accessing materials and resources. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mention this to bash the US, but I do include it here to further the discussion (particularly as I had to make a deliberate choice not to mention it in the post’s body). If any of that is accurate (which it is), why would we Nigerians want to speed the breakdown of the fragile peace we have as is, and give others an opportunity to further intrude in our nation and its future? I only mention this to give more context to this discussion.Again, Nigerians have not exhausted their options for dealing with the issues of our political elite who have failed to live up to their expectations. Violence is definitely not necessary, I believe. We Nigerians have to take matters into our own hands. For instance, if your local government leaders are not organized enough to remove trash from the streets, then the community should dump their refuse in front of their elected officials homes. This is just one of a million of tactics that citizens can take to truly frustrate non-performing officials. These acts of civil disobedience, if strategically applied across the nation can force the hand of officials.Anyway, I don’t mean to diminish your stance. I understand and share the frustration that makes the Jerry Rawlings solution very appetizing. I however, believe that suggesting violence is the only remaining option is irresponsible. Besides, would Galidima put himself in the middle of a fight? Would you, my broda? If anyone cannot truly commit their own personal body when fight time comes, then they have no business encouraging others to potentially die.Thanks so much for always swinging by and taking the time to share your honest opinions. I truly appreciate it as watching/participating in these discussions definitely helps me crystallize my ideas on things. I hope that these discussions are beneficial for you as well.

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    nothing to decalre

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