Nigeria: Gunmen Attacked Police Station, Killed 6

Gunmen stormed two separate police stations across northern Nigeria, killing four police officers and two civilians in one attack and bombed a station in another on Monday night.

The gunmen targeted the police station in the city of Tambuwal, Sokoto, after witnesses said they couldn’t break into a nearby bank. The gunmen sprayed the station with gunfire, killing the four officers and two civilians.

Report says the gunmen freed a suspected armed robber and took all of the police station’s weapons.

This shows how Nigeria’s federal police force struggles to protect even itself.

By Tuesday afternoon, soldiers and paramilitary police officers had been posted to guard nearby roads.

Witnesses in Bauchi state said eight men fled after the attack in two cars they stole from the bank in Gamawa. The robbers tried to attack another bank, but were prevented by its bulletproof doors.

Sokoto state police commissioner, Baba Adisa Bolanta, said the gunmen responsible for the attack were not from the Boko Haram sect.

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