Nigeria: Jonathan Promises To End Power Failure

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday assured Nigerians of his commitment to the attainment of uninterrupted power supply in Nigeria before the end of his tenure in 2015.

Jonathan said this during an audience with members of the Board of the Niger Delta Power Holding Company led by Vice President Namadi Sambo.

Also present at the meeting were the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Governors of Benue, Delta and Ekiti states, as well as the Ministers of Power, Petroleum, and Justice.

President Jonathan said, “We all know the importance of power. We look forward to a time when Nigerians can enjoy uninterrupted power supply from the beginning to the end of a year and we are working hard to ensure that that objective is attained within the life-span of this administration.”

He urged members of the board and management of the Niger Delta Power Holding Company to ensure that the company, which was established to oversee the implementation of National Integrated Power Projects, NIPP, contributes very effectively to meeting the country’s power supply needs.

The chairman of the board of the company, Vice President Sambo, said, “We will work relentlessly to fulfill our mandate on time.” He thanked the President for receiving the members of the board.

  1. Andrew A. Sailer Reply

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    • Dyka Reply

      , we should raise srueoptprs who would go up to demand their rights from their REPRESENTATIVES, the State Government and all.About what kind of campaigns: I have thought so long in my mind on what kind of campaign would actually raze pressure. Fine the twitter and facebook campaigns already have people aware. iReport also has something on that too. But HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD COME OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONES TO MEET FACE TO FACE WITH REPRESENTATIVES OF THE GOVERNMENT.Let me say this here. I live in an Estate where the Who-is-whos live. There has not been power for about 3months. NOBODY COMPLAINS BECAUSE THEY HAVE THEIR GIANT SIZED DIESEL GENERATORS…also, they can well afford it. Are they the ones that would participate in a campaign? I don’t think so!I really believe the most affected people are the poor. Two months ago, Channels Television did a beautiful news piece about power collapse in the country. They interviewed a man who owned a business center. A small business center. He pays about N2000 a month on rent.He has only one computer, makes about N3000 a month, N1000 gain.With the power problems, he had to buy a petrol generator that costs N14,000. He buys fuel worth N500 a day. For all we know, this guy is running at a loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!These are the people who can protest! But who’s going to raise a fair, strategic campaign? Us who have internet access? We who know what Facebook and Twitter are? We who can BUY clothing items that display LUN? I tell you, we are not as badly hurt as the more than 80% in Nigeria who live below the poverty line. I believe, just like you have said, the sensitization should involve EDUCATING our people! About various States generating their alternate sources of power: I believe this is another step that should be taken. I don’t know how far Lagos State has gone with the idea. Kwara State some two months ago celebrated a month of power generation for 20hours a day.Some contractors together with Skye Bank are working on power generation for Kaduna State.I believe the State Governmentin every part of Nigeria should start thinking this way! We can’t forever rely on the old Hydroelectric Power hub! We’ve stayed on this too long. Smaller nations i know use more than one source. I overheard a friend of mine in the Philippines say that they use about 6 sources. THAT IS A COUNTRY THAT’S SMALLER THAN NIGERIA! But then, even taking this campaign out: how much pressure will make the government sit up?Our school system is down as ASUU is still on strike and the government is doing NOTHING . Our power sector is down. The health sector is going down. How do we MOUNT PRESSURE? How much pressure is considered PRESSURE.No wonder the idea, suicide bombing

    • Genevieve Reply

      I hope you and your readers are rntiooming the conversations on this subject as it unfold at the National Assembly. As expected the past ministers in charge (Imoke & Agagu) did very well as they spurn the issue by quoting conflicting figures and statements that provoked several emetic reactions as I read through.Check Vanguard: . This statement made by Imoke is troubling:NIPP (Integrated Power Project) was conceptualized in 2004 when it was observed that a power plant had been constructed near gas source but it could not make use of the gas because all the gas is being committed by the powerful oil companies to their future contracts. So, there is no gas for us to meet our domestic needs. They make more money selling it abroad. Even if you put the plant on top of gas, you will find out that there is still no gas. Agagu too referred to the fact that the required gas lines weren’t constructed for several of the power plants built during their tenure. I still struggle to comprehend fully what Imoke and Agagu meant by those statements. The most incredible fact was that S6.2b was paid to contractors that have no record of registration at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under the National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP) programme (Guardian).Yet, this was at a time “Due Process was at peak season”. If the tears would come, I would have cried for Nigeria. This is the most unkind cut of all!

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    Utterly composed subject matter, regards for entropy.

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