Factors Affecting Nigeria’s Development, By US Envoy

United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Terence McCulley, yesterday, pointed out corruption, poor economic growth, erratic power supply as well as non-functional public health and education systems as some challenges facing Nigeria and affecting its development.

Other factors mentioned were get-rich quick syndrome, religious intolerance and youth restiveness.

He said this at the matriculation “Fall 2011” of American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa State.

“Nigeria faces many challenges in the area of good governance, economic growth, sustainable development, erratic power generation and supply, non-functional public health and education system from primary school to the university levels,” he said.

He added that the social vices have affected the confidence of Nigerians and undermined the notion of public service. He said Nigeria had the potentials of attracting billions of dollars in foreign investments as long as there is a solid commitment to the rule of law and sanctity of commercial contracts.

He also said although outsiders always portray the country and her people negatively, Nigeria has good reputation internationally.

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    Good saying…. you are perfectly correct.

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    Dats awesome!

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    Thank you o.

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    no doubt about it

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    Well,it would be more appropriate if he explained everything he said

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    will nigeria escape till trumpet blow?

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    Well, his words should seriously be taken into consideration by everybody in Nigeria. The majority of the politicians embezzle, some people don’t even think this country can develop but it can. If only we can work together to achieve this… #UNITEDWESTAND

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    Nigeria can only make a difference if we join hands and pray for good and God fearing leaders for a good governance. Let help our self and make a right decision.

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