“Thank God We’re Not A Nigerians” – Ghanaian Band Provokes Nigerians

A Ghanaian band, FOKN BOIS, has provoked the wrath of many Nigerians with a new song titled “Thank God We’re Not A Nigerians.” The lyrics have led to exchange of insults between Nigerians and Ghanians on several social media sites creating tension between the two sister countries. A member of the group, Wanloy the Kubolour says the song is supposed to hype up fans ahead of the Ghana vs. Nigeria football match in London. It is also supposed to make people laugh. Read the lyrics:

Kofi is a common name, that’s what even I say
But a Ghana man will never call a child Friday
Thank God we’re not Nigerians

Always shouting very loud, don’t know how to whisper
And why say Mistor, instead of Mister
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

You like school more than any African I’ve seen
Simple thirteen, you still say tharteen
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

They ban the whole team, you can’t even play
Can’t you just say Hi, what is Ki lon sele
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

You barely qualify, then get stuck
President Goodluck but you still suck
Thank God we’re not Nigerians

Instead of Hamburger or Pizza with ham
You eat Egusi with pounded yam
Thank God we’re not Nigerians

Always trying to show off, even when you eat
One soup, no vegetable but twelve different meat
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

Fela was a great Musician, yes of course
(Inaudible) something drugs
Thank God we’re not Nigerians

You created Nollywood,yes more of it
But too many witches and wizards in your film
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

Always in traditional wear everywhere
Haven’t you hear of Armani wear
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

For example shining five piece agbada
You can look very good in Dolce and Gabbana
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

Not going anywhere fast, let’s just stroll
Traffic everywhere, many bad bad roads
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

No street light from Oregun to Ikeja
Four four, join join two two on okada
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

Extra page in your passport to pass and go
You have learn very well from Obasanjo
Thank God we’re not Nigerians

Email fraud, Pyramid, 419
Oh that’s not fine
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

But at least you are better than Liberians
So thank God you’re not a Liberians

“If you are a Nigerian who knows FOKN Bois, then, you won’t be worried because you know that we love Nigeria more than the average Ghanaian. You have to know who we are to understand the song, if you just take the song as two people who are saying something then you will get angry, that one I can’t blame you,” said Wanloy the Kubolour, a member of the band.

The words of the song, he stressed, are just for fun and if one pays close attention to it, the song is rather bashing Ghanaians stating, “Nigerians are very proud of their traditions, their accomplishments and so on and we look up to them. By us teasing them, we are really teasing ourselves, Ghanaians, because we wear more suits than the Nigerians.”

The song is part of several other ‘teasing’ songs on their yet to be released album, FOKN Wit U. The album is however expected to hit the market by close of year.

  1. EYAM ODEY Reply

    As for me I got no qualms with them, they just FOKN Wit U right? They have some true words there most of which am proud of. Like Naija liking traditional wear and education. It’s true some still say “tharteen”, but egusi and pounded yam beats any burger any day… So I ask you KI LON SELE? hahahaha

  2. Endy Reply

    Sorry for you Ghanaians still with your colonial mentality and Whiteman slavery hangover. When are you going to be proud of your fucking black nigga ass as the Whiteman described you? Even in this 21st century, you are still struggling to be more white than African. Whatever….. Ghana must go to Nigeria to get a bearing as African….up Nigeria till tomorrow ……Ghana wake up!!!;;

  3. bigben Reply

    What else is there to say. We can all see that Ghana must Go still hurts, and if this is the best rendition Ghana can come up with then I am sorry for all of Ghana.
    As a proud Nigerian, I’ll say up Naija and Ghana must still go .

    • Et Reply

      My bro./sis. Begben, that’s where you go wrong. As a matter of fact, nobody in Ghana thinks about Ghana must go. We love Naija ppl despite that ill treatment. It’s Nigerians who always try to remind us. Because, by reciting the phrase “Ghana must go”, it gives you guys some comfort that you were once a better country than us. Yes that was the lowest period in our history as a nation. But guess what? We picked ourselves up and built a better country. Remember the world has turned, and at the moment “Nigerians are coming”. AKWAABA our Naija brothers and sisters. The question now is, what are you Nigerians doing to make your country better. We all can only pray and hope for this to happen, because a better Nigeria is good for Africa. ONE LUV.

      • sam kufe Reply

        Well spoken Et,’A better Nigeria is good for Africa’

  4. efua Reply

    It’s funny that most people don’t know that one of the members of FOKN bois is married to a Nigerian. I’m Ghanaian- we have bad roads too; eat fufu instead of pounded yam…come on people. This song is not trying to say Ghanaians are better thana Nigerians. Its just about humour and if we chose to listen without pre-conceived notions, we might realise the song bashes Ghanaians for not loving their tradition as much. ‘Nough said.

  5. Kwame Reply

    He’s stupid this is not music!

  6. olaide Reply

    stinking u…. u ave no point

  7. ba5e1 Reply

    just looking at the lyrics alone, its a bit offensive. But most of it is true. i can easily see how someone who isnt Nigerian but knows Nigeria can find this funny. the track isnt to be taken too seriously. the same way black americans call themselves niggers and bitches. same way we nigerians call ourselves stuff like mumu, idiot, jjc, ashawo, etc. its meant to be received as playful banter.
    everyone knows banter hurts more when its true, but still understands (for the most part) that it doesnt come from a mean or disrespectful place

    like i always point out that my older brother is shorter than me. and he in turn teases m about my stuttering.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    lol I love these guys! and to think I just discovered em now.

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