Nigeria: Many Feared Trapped In Another Building Collapses In Lagos

A three-storey building collapsed at about 4p.m. of Saturday in Sagbemi Street, Adeniji Adele area of Lagos.

Report said four persons were rescued from the debris while an unspecified number, at press time, were still trapped under the debris.

Youths in the area have started rescue work.

Samuel Jinadu, police public relations officer in Lagos State, confirmed the incident.

Meanwhile, street urchins in the area capitalized on slow response of rescue officials to engage in looting because the building was said to be for both residence and lighting materials.

Some residents said the building had for some time showed signs that it may collapse.

It is so sad that such incident still occurred in spite of the state government’s effort at sensitizing residents to report defective buildings.

  1. Okere Polycarp U. Reply

    It is indeed sad! Despite all the laws, regulatory systems and corporate bodies put in place to check these menace, some individuals tend to choose the sides of deviancy to wreck havoc and untimely bereavement to innocent citizens! There is no doubt however that there are stipulated laws in place, but greedy contractors who aimed nothing else but easy money do not help any situation. Sometimes i blame some house owners or developers who would want to save cost to build anything cheap not minding the impending dangers.

    Prior to the construction of a building, bridge or any other civil structure, a soil test is conducted to acertain the strenght and the nature of the sub-strata. This test is so essential in an environment where the nature and characteristics of the sub-grade is largely unknown – a test which forms the basis of structural design and analysis of the various force components of the proposed structure. It is the ultimate objective of the design engineer to resolve these forces and make a balanced statically determinate or indeterminate structure as the case maybe. The strenght and stability of a building structure therefore is of utmost consideration to the engineer and more often than not, where the design itself is approvable under government laws as it affects the criteria used in any designed element.

    The professionally trained building personnel has the responsibility to undertake construction and delivery of the building structure at the site. Based on training, he is the person charged to execute the construct, and laise with the design teams. As a builder by training and experience, the coordination and management of building site, work planning and insisting on details affecting quality, design specifications and arrangements of all building components are his major concerns. The differnt designed documents – the architechtural and structural drawings are his working tools and those at all time, formed his major links to contact the architect or the structural engineer anytime there may be an issue requiring clerifications! The architect has a responsibility of providing the physical arrangements of the floors, asthetics and the building elevations based on his brief with the building owner. Both the architect and the structural engineer also have a compulsory duty to visit the sites and to ensure their designs are strictly followed by the builder.

    The above process are supposedly followed order for effecient building product/ service delivery if we must insist on orderliness, consistency and specialization – a key to high quality and standard in any organised social, management or natural science set up. It is as a result of abuse of this order we suffer the havocs resulting in sending people to early graves.

    Apart from professional affiliations, there should be proven track records shown before YOU should allow any individual to build for you, and sometimes where other responsibilities may not allow you to be also ”owner supervisor”, get a trusted person to ensure that the number of cement, or reinforcement or granite quantity spcecified for any casting work is duely used.

    The government is trying, but a lot need to be done. Seperating the work of an architect from the builder’s work or the design engineer, and vice versa is highly fundamental. Until we are ready to embrace our individual professional responsibilities, consistency, efficiency and standards may continue to elude us.
    OKERE Polycarp U. is a professional in this field.

  2. olagunju Taoheed Reply

    May God help us in this Country, this is a sign of poverty in society for somebody to some notice signs that a particular building may collapse and still living in the building. The State should continue eradicating this and Nigerian government should endeavour to control POVERTY all over the country.

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