South Sudan Clashes Kill Dozens

Cattle raid and tribal clashes in a region of newly independent South Sudan have killed more than 185 people in a recent attack.

Government officials said on Thursday that members of the Murle attacked a number of villages in Uror County, burning grass-thatched huts, stealing cattle and killing or abducting local villagers known as the Lou Nuer. Fighting had subsided, but the officials said they had not been able to visit all the areas where violence had been reported.

Similarly, Colonel Philip Aguer, South Sudan army spokesperson, said fighters loyal to rebel leader George Athor crossed the border from north Sudan and attacked a town in South Sudan’s Upper Nile state. He said the violence which started Friday left 60 people dead, including seven soldiers and 53 militia members. He said the soldiers managed to repel the attackers.

In May, more than 80 rebels and civilians were killed when insurgents attacked a camp in South Sudan to mar preparations for the region’s independence. Nuer tribesmen allegedly attacked the area and drove off with more than 100 000 cattle owned by the Murle.

South Sudan became an independent state on 9 July after decades of civil war with the north, which is largely Arab and Muslim.

South Sudan is one of the poorest countries with possibly the worst health situation in the world.

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