$1.7m Price On Gaddafi’s Head

Rebels fighting for control of Tripoli have offered a $1.7 million dollar reward for the fugitive Muammar Gaddafi – dead or alive. This happened a day after forces overran his Tripoli headquarters and trashed his symbols.

The rebel National Transitional Council wants him, dead or alive, and has put a $1.7 million price on his head.

The international powers and the rebel government-in-waiting in the eastern city of Benghazi have moved to free up billions of dollars in frozen assets for them, with the United Nations calling a UN meeting to discuss the matter.

Washington was about to submit a U.N. resolution to release an immediate $1.5 billion for humanitarian needs. Washington also announced that Libya’s stockpile of weapons of mass destruction had been secured.

The chairman of the National Council gave a sense of urgency to finding Gaddafi, who the rebels believe may still be in or around Tripoli, having left his Bab al-Aziziya compound in the capital before it fell on Tuesday.

The African nations join a list of more than 40 countries who have recognised the rebels who have taken control of most of Libya and are now hunting the veteran leader.

Burkinabe Foreign Minister Yipene Djibril Bassolet said that Gaddafi could go into exile in his country even though it is a signatory of the International Criminal Court, which has charged him crimes against humanity.

Gaddafi spokesman Mussa Ibrahim said more than 6,500 “volunteers” had arrived in Tripoli to fight for the regime, and called for more.

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