18 Dead In Bomb Blast At UN Headquarters Abuja

There has been a bomb blast at the United Nations headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, claiming at least 18 lives.

The explosion around 10:00 Friday morning, is by a suicide bomber believed to be member of the Boko Haram Islamic sect that has claimed responsibility for several bomb blasts in the West African country.

Report says the suicide bomber drove into the compound of the headquarters breaching the gates with full speed and driving into the first floor of the building before activating the explosives.

Many were trapped when the four-storey building collapsed causing severe injuries. The survivors are presently being treated at Government hospitals in Abuja.

President Goodluck Jonathan said the bomb blast is an assault on global peace and security in a statement released by his spokesman, Rueben Abati. The president also promised “vigorous response.”

“The president extends his sincere condolences to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon and all members of the United Nations family who have lost loved ones in the heinous attack.”

The statement also said Mr. Jonathan “reaffirms the Federal Government’s total commitment to vigorously combat the incursion of all forms of terrorism into Nigeria, and wishes to reassure all Nigerians and the international community that his Administration will spare no effort to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

The President has also directed all relevant government agencies to assist in the search and rescue effort at the UN Building, and ordered heightened security across the Federal Capital Territory.

He urges Nigerians and foreigners resident in the country to go about their affairs with the full assurance that the Federal Government and its law enforcement agencies will continue working diligently to ensure the full protection of lives and property in the country.

  1. Francis Reply

    Its unfortunate that this incident had to happen right under the nose of UN and the unserious nigerian govt who never and will not learn from events. GOD help us.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Mr. President sir,for how long will we as Nigerians continue to believe that?

  3. klex Reply

    may God help us in this country and help us curb the manace of boko haram, punish them and condemn them to eternal damnation. Nigeria is not iraq, iran or afghanistan , pls dont turn it to such.

  4. klex Reply

    Is federal govt. Still ready to dialogue with boko haram? Why not give amnesty, thats what FG knows aw to do best. This is only thing they now how to do. The FG is weak!!! Why dialogue with TERRORISTS’ FG why??????

  5. bola Reply

    I really wonder whether the president truly wants us to believe that these terrorists will be brought to book. I hope he knows the last person who believed him did so before the Force Headquarters was bombed.
    My earnest prayer: God please give us a LEADER in Nigeria.

  6. Shaddy Reply

    I pity Nigerians cos nobody knows who will be d next victims. God help us.

  7. Haywhy Reply

    This is simply senseless act with no dignifying motive, Nigerians can not go about their normal daily works without unecessary fears created by some groups of persons who from all indications and act are being severed from the reality of life and living without respect for human existence and being.

    It is time our government match their promises with action. The Government owe us trust and Nigeriance deserve nothing short of that.

    This is the Federal Capital of our beloved Nation, the level of peace and security in the FCT should be exemplary but am afraid the reverse is the case.

    It is now a situation where tax payers can not amongst other basic necessities trust our Government for security. It will take a drastic and radical effort from a serious Government to restore the sanity, security and peace we Nigerians deserve.

    So, Mr. President, it is time to act and act fast because these people have called your bluff one time too many.

    God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and give us a lasting peace and security.

  8. DINONAP Reply

    Tis henieous crime against humanity has continued to unfold because the government did not take seriously the signs and text-runs of the Jos Plateu state meham when it started.

    President failed to bring the sponsors to book and now others have spring up as BOKO HARAM and have decided to make his government difficult. Rehtorics and lip srevice will not take us anywhere

  9. Prince Reply

    What is happening to our beloved nation Nigeria?.The truth must be told,there is no security in this country for the now,first the police force headquarter,now the united nations headquarter.God help the common in the street.

  10. Prince Reply

    May the souls of those we lost in the bomb blast rest in the bossom of God almighty and may those who are involve never go unpunish in Jesus name amen.

  11. Francis Reply

    Please let someone answer me, is terroris a new form of religion? Who is the founder? And what is the eternal reward for acts of terror?

  12. Francis Reply

    Please let someone answer me these questions, is terrorism a new form of religion? Who is the founder? And what is the eternal reward for acts of terror?

  13. ola Reply

    this is not the matter of coursing,the country doesn’t have security,full of corruption,self interest.Can you imagine one stupid group called boko haram just enter UN just like what an assault.That is why foreigners dont like the country for one thing.please no one should ask any body one of the governments officials are involved,DO THE RIGHT THING.They are only after the life of their family,what a stupid country.

  14. Chizzy Reply

    lets stop pretending. we already know the perpetrators. Are you indirectly telling Nigerians that you are WEAK?. If it were to be obj, boko would have being a thing of the past

  15. Chidi Reply

    President goodluck should follow the sequence of a good leader by possessing two natures;the heart of the beast and that of human being.

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