Christian Association Of Nigeria Wants Christian Banking After Swedish Model

The president of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, made some remarks yesterday in Benin City, Edo State, indicating that Christians in Nigeria are considering having their own version of non-interest banking after the Swedish model. He said this in relation to the ongoing plan to introduce Islamic banking to the West-African country.

CAN said it expects the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, to deploy the same resources it had pushed into Islamic banking to make the planned Christian version a success.

“What we are telling the CBN governor is that he should be ready to spend the same billions when Christians eventually come up with their own. We are looking into what the CBN is spending on the project and we will come out with the figures. He (Sanusi Lamido Sanusi) will have to bring out that amount of money, he will have to make sure that Christians are trained in anywhere we need training. For example, in Sweden there is a very good Christian model of non-interest banking. So, Sanusi must get ready to bring out the billions to train over a thousand Christians in Sweden.”

He said uniform guidelines should be used to demonstrate that the CBN meant well for Nigeria by introducing non-interest banking and Islamic banking into the economy. He said except the CBN comes out with common modalities for the non-interest banking and then allow any interested party to go into the sector, its current position would continue to hurt the industry.

In a keynote address at the 36th yearly national conference and general meeting of the Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship, NCGF, in Benin City, Oritsejafor said it was hypocritical for the CBN and some persons to be promoting Islamic banking in a secular country like Nigeria.

He asked, “If they (CBN) say it is going to be Islamic banking because that is all we know about this non-interest banking, which ought not to be, and they claim it is for all Nigerians, is this true? Clearly, Islamic banking will be run according to Islamic laws. For example, if I own a piggery, will you give me a loan to operate it? The answer to me is no. For them to say if we don’t support it go to other banks when Islamic banking is purportedly for every Nigerian amounts to discriminating against such persons? Why is it that you are spending government’s money to promote it when it is certainly not for everybody?

The CAN president further added, “Nigeria needs prayers because the mistake a lot of people make is to think that those who speak out are against other religions. They are not, all we are asking for is equity and justice, we are not the ones that heat up the polity, we only respond to some of these things that certain persons throw up. Christians should pray, they should love their Muslim brothers, but not accept to be second-class citizens. Christians should educate people on the realities of some of these things and the implications.”

National President of the NCGF, Prof. Vincent Iyawe, said the aim of the fellowship is to see “the enthronement of righteousness in our nation and to inform and educate the church that the socio-economic and political well-being of the nation is the responsibility of the church.”

Responding to the issue, Former President of CAN, Rev. Sunday Mbang, urged the country’s leaders not to heat up the polity through obnoxious policies.

He said, “To make sure we don’t have crisis in this country, anything that anybody knows would bring problem in future should be avoided. My advice to the members of the National Assembly is that they should ask the CBN governor to put the issue of Islamic banking on hold. Let him do things that would bring unity to Nigerians and not what generates controversy. I am advising the CBN governor to do things that would bring unity to the country.”

  1. wale Reply

    This latest outcry has only demostrated the highest level of insincerity that our christian leaders abore in their souls. Why this follow follow strategy now, which is dommed to fail because it is ingenuily and insincerly motivated.
    For now, all the current banks are judeo- christian bank e g first bank, hence this new call will all only add to the number . This is because, the christian after christ had never follow the injunction of God as commanded in the new testament and most especially the old testament.
    Not only sweeden, there is also kindombank and reliancebank both of UK but yet all remain the same story.
    CAN President shld stop display of bible hypocrisy s pig eating allowed in Bible?, hypo cracy and islamic phobia s d headache of CAN.
    Point of correction, Nig is not a secular state but a multireligion state where bible, quran etc are used for aot taking. We have church and mosque in all Govt house.
    We pray for the truth and that the truth shall free us all.

    • Paul Ehizefua Okojie Reply

      Please brother, try to understand every statement before commenting, this help to understand each other. The bank operating Nigeria today are circular banks not Christian bank. Have take time to study the Introduction of the Bank? “Its clearly state, Islamic Banking” The UK and Sweden mentioned, check their system, it clearly says Non-Interest Banking, there are no where its state Christian Banking or Islamic Banking and there are no exception of borrowing money to the customers. But CBN says, the Non-Interest Banking / Islamic Banking is strictly run by Sharia Law; My question for you, Is there anywhere in Nigeria Constitution where Sharia Law is mentioned? and that the bank will only deal with those meeting the requirement of the Sharia Law. Is the Bank for Nigerian or for the Muslim only? If the Bank is for Nigerian, let it be open for all Nigerian citizens

  2. lekan oluwatosin Reply

    Whao oh, pastor oritsejafor just know dat xtianity allows non intrest banking; let us clap for him 4 ds new discovery and deserve a new international. award from global xtian leaders. Swedish model shld b studied for global recognition

  3. Yakubu Sadau Reply

    In Nigeria We have xtian institutions like universities,school of nursings,sec.and prim.schools all licenced by Nigeria gov.That never stop nig.2 b secular state.Only islamic bank will terminate d so called secularism.Pastor go to Braitain you will see islamic bank of Brt.(IBB)do google search.Hypocracy will not help Nig.

  4. Godwin Reply

    Beloved, I believe it shouldn’t be whether Islamic or Christian Banking…but what God has ordained for the people He loves, both Muslims & Christians. Remember, any foundation not laid by God will collapse, whether Islamic or Christian Banking. It’s not about competition.

    • Nerice Reply

      Yeah, that’s the ticket, sir or ma’am

  5. Mukhtar M A Reply

    Mr pastor i thought we’v moved on on this topic coz it’s no longer a topic to deliberate on. Pastor y r u bothering urslf on irreversible decision that has already been taken? CBN governor has clarified everything bt u’r pretending as if it’s somthn new 2u, kudos 2my CBN governor! In my candid opinion, non intrest banking is d only solution to d uncertainties brought by d conventional banks nd d only path towards unity in d banking industry and my country in general

  6. ibrahim Reply

    Nigerians! be wise. let shine our eyes.

  7. Ameer Reply

    Is there anything like Christian Non-interest banking in the bible? You go for pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Christians pleas give us evidence from your bible.

  8. omoode Reply

    y do u allow muslims awake u from ur slumber wen u know dat is ungodly to collect interest on any loan be it from individual or bank which means u are not sincere with wat u are doing, u are now crying on top of ur voice wen d muslims about starting it who told u people d central bank is giving billions to finance it if u think so which means central bank was d one dat financed intercontinental bank which bought jet for adeboye thrugh. akingbola, i thaugt u people are learned not knowing u only wise in preaching wat would bring money either by any means, u like it or not islam would surely rule d world u all know dat and dats y u are restless since d issue of islamic banking of no interest on loan of any kind..

  9. Usman muhammad Hadejia Reply

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Haa!! Mr Pastor, it seems christians doesnt have their own religious laws,they only pretend in order to compete muslims, as it happened on the issue of pilgrimage to Jerusalem which doesnt exist in the bible,and now on islamic banking,this is ashame and signs of irresponsibility,& hopelessness

  10. Abdullahi Abdulrahamn Reply

    It is quite funny that an intelligent pastor will trail this line of argument.

    • Nsekzr Reply

      This dajjal or ahcntirist is claiming to be the mahdi and jesus and budah and the massyah and other religious figure they are shea and christians and jews and more ppl are following this dajjal and he goes by the name of (THE MAITHREYA) Or the world teacher and ge got super powers and miracles check him out before u start pointing fingers

  11. sani Liquid Reply

    Islamaphobia is the disease eating up these clergies who clearly could not even guide their followers against vices and immoralities. Xtian leaders should be more obsessed with the level of moral decadence among their followers. Nudity. Drinking, prostitution. Drug, robbery, and the commercialisation of church. Today the men of God we see do not have a semblence of Divinity.

  12. uauaa Reply

    l thought d pstr is learned, who told u 9ja is a secular state? Dnt u knw dat 9ja is one of d countries where both islam and xtianity is practicd at its best? Who told u piggery is good evn in d secular setting? Who evn told u cbn used state funds 4 islamic banking? Beta go get d ryt in4matn so as to serve d interest of d conventnal banks with facts!

  13. donmoh Reply

    what do you expect from a retired arm robber pastor like him. going to ASO ROCK for recognition will not help you at all. i think you should focus on guiding your Christan follower on the right path, not offering and thanks giving to enrich your selves.

    • ChristBoy Reply

      Dohnmoh: all your stupid sheiks and imams are not retired, but practicing armed robbers, terrorists and potential suicide bombers. God have mercy on you and your hopeless blind brainwashers who call themselves your leaders. See how you open you cola-stained teeth to call a man of God a retired armed robber. If it was all this your bigoted imams that was refered to thus, the whole norther desert would have been in chaos now. Violent terrorist bastards. Mtcheeew!

  14. Paul Ehizefua Okojie Reply

    I personally have no problem with NON-INTEREST BANKING, but the motive behind the introduction is controversial. Why is it CONTROVERSIAL? Because of the clause attached to it “Islamic Bank” “Investing in Islamically unacceptable businesses such as alcohol and cigarette makers, casinos and adult-entertainment companies is also forbidden”

    When you lend me money, don’t tell me what I should use it for if I meet the condition of borrowing the money, yes, I do not support those who deal on alcohol, cigarette, casinos, etc but this kind of clause should not be a criteria for lending money, for this will add more salt to the injuries of our dear nation. If the CBN has good intention in his introduction of the NON-INTEREST BANKING, he should have come out plain with his initiative without trending on religious ground, knowing that this will create alot of controversies; Nigeria is in a fragile state, we should be careful of our dealings. And whatever good plans we have for the favour of building the economy of our dear nation should not include religious sentiment; what I mean on religious sentiment is that, it should not be bias in the society like Nigeria; Nothing will work without putting God first, I believe running a nation should be according to ethics and value with the command of GOD in place not on religious sentiment, but at the same time, wisdom should be applied. Nothing should be done outside the Constitution of Nigeria. Remember, Sharia Law in Nigeria is an illegal Law in our society and against our Constitution.

    To my Muslim brothers and sister, let the religious leaders teach the people the importance of trending on the path of righteousness and that everyone who do not walk in obedience of God’s command will be rewarded on the last day according to his / her deeds, this should be the best way of winning; when we know the truth about God and His will, I think the society will be a better place for all. Let us not say one thing and do the other!

  15. Emmanuel Reply

    I think the muslim brothers might be right. D Bible says that we are the head and not the tail. We should be the one to think ahead of others and lead them and not the other way round. Christian banking is a right idea.

  16. Nanfa Ndam Reply


  17. Izuogu Reply

    D argument about islamic banking in nigeria revolves around the application of the concept “islam”.apart from d provissions of both d bible & quor’an, d right 2 life is of universal law. Therefore any law which threatens such law via provissions that is rooted in prejudice could amount 2 conflict & resultantly loss of life. My take on dis is that sharia law has no supremacy over nig’ constitutn. Therefore islamic banking should & will b restricted to d muslim states of niga just like sharia law. The principle of islamic banking can be introduced in nigeria banking system but d concept of ‘islam’ should b extinquished in all ramification. Secular or multi-religion is not a point.thank you.

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