Kayode Oyinbo Speaks Yoruba Fluently

Kayode (Kevin Barry):

Meet Titilayo and Kayode, two American students learning Yoruba in college and who recently spent 9 months perfecting the language in Nigeria. A talented drum player, Kayode opened this short video with his ‘Banta’ performance when the duo visited a Nigerian restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. In this video, recorded in the studio of SaharaTV, you will find out why they decided to take on the adventure, and much more!

Titilayo (Cara Harshman):

The duo visited Nigerian restaurant in Brooklyn where Titilayo recited the Yoruba Alphabets. Click play to watch:

  1. jıbola Reply

    Thıs ıs defınıtely not a new thıng.I am a unıversıty of Ibadan student and ı have lots of Europeans ın my school studyıng Yoruba language and they can speak ıt fluently.Consequently,thıs ıs defınıtely not a new thıng,we have whıte scholars lıke BARRY ALLEN who speak the language fluently.What ıs so ınfurıatıng ıs that thıs deserves to be a major news.We have Afrıcans,”Nıgerıans”fluent ın so many ıntenatıonal languages and no news ıs made of ıt.Thıs ıs a form of Neocolonıalısm and ıt should be rejecte!
    Great ımportance should not be gıven to the whıtes sımply because they are doıng what so many Blacks have accomplıshed!

  2. yary Reply

    @Jibola: Get over yourself. This is fun to watch, and fascinating, and that’s why it is being shared across the internet. It’s not been made “major” news as you suggest. But it is definitely interesting enough for people to watch and share – given that it is very uncommon to hear white people speak Yoruba. This is not about black or white abilities, and I certainly would not call it an “accomplishment” that many blacks have learnt to speak European/international languages. I would also share a video if it was a Nigerian speaking Mandarin in China – and I believe there is such a video available online actually.

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