Racist Facebook Picture Causing Controversy In South-Africa

In South-Africa, a racist photo on Facebook depicting a white hunter standing over a dead black child is presently being investigated.

Eugene Terrorblanche had posted the picture in 2007, causing a lot of uproar among the people. He told the police at that time that the picture was staged and the child was alive and posed for the photo.

However, when the disturbing picture recently resurfaced again on the social media, South-African authorities are asking more questions this time around.

“That picture speaks volumes and is a big worry. We have to understand what happened in the previous investigation,” said Colonel McIntosh Polela, spokesman for South Africa’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation. “I got the impression that the man told the police that the child was alive. I don’t know how far the police went to find out if the child was indeed alive. I will have to read the report.”

Meanwhile, the chief of police is tactically trying to calm racial tensions in the multi-colored nation.

“Whether the child was White or Black, the photograph is still a big concern because it depicts the murder of a child,” said police minister Nathi Mthethwa’s spokesman, Zweli Mnisi.

Terrorblanche’s Facebook profile lists knifes, firearms and weapons as his interests, and his activities include self-defense, close combat fighting, weapons training and shooting.

  1. Ronnymateo Reply

    The Middle clas is the IT in Nigeria. Yes the mrtoajy of the population are poor but, I think the middle class family are becoming more than the poor self. Life in Nigeria is not that bad just our people would not be caught dead doing all those dirty jobs they do over there, down here in Nigeria

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    As a paramedic I’ve seen a lot of lifeless bodies. He looks pretty dead to me.

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