Kenya: Cheetah Strays Into Hospital

A stray cheetah entered into a health center in Wundanyi last Friday causing panic among the members of public seeking medical attention and medical personnel.

The terrorized patients screamed for help, prompting the villagers to come out in large numbers with arms.

Operations at the hospital were temporarily halted as residents including patients who had visited the facility took available weapons to confront the cheetah and killed it.

An eye witness, Samuel Chawana, said this is the first time such an incident has occurred. He added that the animal caught residents unawares.

“Health authorities were busy attending to patients when the animal entered into the facility. This forced residents to use all manner of weapons at their disposal and killed the animal,” said Chawana.

The stray cheetah had terrorized villagers after it killed scores of goats at Mbale, Wesu and Mgange-Nyika villages.

The Kenya Wildlife Services Taita District warden, Constance Mwasho said “We suspect that the cheetah could have been living in the indigenous forests or caves in the area,” said the warden. She condemned the youth for killing the animal instead of reporting the matter to KWS official. “Its unlawful for the public to kill wildlife.They could have informed us so that we could have darted the animal and taken it back to the park.”

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