Libyan Rebels Killing Black Africans

African Union Commission Chairman, Dr. Jean Ping, has disclosed that the Libyan rebels under the so-called Transitional National Council have been engaged in massive killings of black Africans from mainland Africa, as well as Libyans who have darker skins.

Reports say the victims include black Libyans, Nigerians, Ghanaians, Kenyans, and other citizens of sub-Saharan African, pretending that they are “mercenaries” hired by Gaddafi rather than their innate hatred of black Africans.

According to the report, no fewer than 20 black men were found dead outside Col Gaddafi’s compound after Libyan rebels captured Tripoli. Their hands were tied behind their backs and some of them had been shot in the head.

On the road south out of Tripoli, about 200 black people were also said to be hiding in a small encampment made of two small outbuildings shielded by a small wall and a metal door.

Amnesty International said it was told that between one third and half of those detained were from sub-Saharan Africa.

Scores of black men were arrested during the battle for the Col Gaddafi stronghold of Abu Salim in Tripoli. According to reports, some migrants were said to be stranded near a seaside resort, others had fled the city.

Dr Ping told reporters on Monday that this is one of the reasons the AU is refusing to recognize Libya’s rebel Transitional National Council as the country’s interim government. He said “We need clarification because the TNC seems to confuse black people with mercenaries. They are killing normal workers. We want to see a signal that the African workers will be evacuated.”

Speaking after a Peace and Security meeting, President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, who chaired the meeting, noted that the decision of the African Union is totally sound; however, not for the reasons they adduced, but for the fact that the rebels need to account for the killings of black Africans, not for the pretensions of “confusing them as mercenaries hired by Gaddafi,” but because of the anti-black, racist and innate hatred of black Africans, even though there are a million dark Africans who are Libyan citizens and are maltreated as well.

However, Amnesty official, Claudio Cordone was quoted as saying: “We have to fear for what may be happening to detainees out of the sight of independent observers. Many risk reprisals as a result of allegations that Gaddafi forces used African mercenaries during the conflict.

Amnesty welcomed calls by the NTC for its supporters to treat captives with dignity and to avoid revenge attacks. But the council must do more to ensure that their fighters do not abuse detainees, especially the most vulnerable ones such as black Libyans and sub-Saharan Africans.

  1. Osmond Nguyo Reply

    The rebels have 2 behave by treating black africans in a dignified manner least we believe that they r armed gangs with support of Nato.The west is only interested with your oil.

  2. jacob Reply

    This is very disturbing news. I am yet to hear NATO & other countries supporting the
    Libyan rebels strongly condemn these killings & other atrocities committed against
    black Libyans and Africans in general all suspected of being mercenaries fighting for Gadaffi.

  3. David Reply

    Libyans are racis they hate black people before they came to that land call libya, black people were living there.
    Listern to me white skine libyan stop killing black skin people or else God will not forgive you and that your oil that you have rely on it will vanish.

    • Steven Reply

      You are an idiot and can barely type. North Africa has always been more Arab “light skin” pixation. They have lived there just as long as dark skin Libyans.
      Its an atrocity, but your argument is unintelligent and does nothing to help anyone except dismiss your ignorance of history

      • mike Reply

        North Africa never had Arabs until Slavery in Early Islamic

  4. Micky B Reply

    NATA is in Libya for geo political reasons, this is not about removing a bad man…..I can’t believe people buy this BS. America is fighting Alqueda now they’re helping them liberate Libya? Is George Orwell writing this???

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