Nigeria: EFCC Arrests Lagos Speaker For Embezzling N7bn

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has on Friday arrested the speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Adeyemi Ikuforiji, for allegedly embezzling the sum of N7billion (about 47million USD).

Ikuforiji was picked up by the operatives of the anti-graft agency and taken to the commission’s headquarters office, Abuja.

The operatives of the commission have been on his trail for long but were able to get him arrested at about 10 am on Friday.

Report says the speaker allegedly diverted the money and laundered it abroad through an automobile firm, Brown Motors, allegedly owned by him.

The Speaker, who just returned from the United States of America after a holy pilgrimage to Mecca, returned yesterday (Thursday) as a result of an invitation he received from the EFCC asking him to report at the headquarters in Abuja.

Ikoforiji was also alleged to have not been telling the truth, as he failed to reveal his criminal past in his submissions to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

According to the petition, he concealed his status as an ex-convict in the form he filed with INEC during the last election where he won a seat to represent Ikeja constituency 2. He also served two terms as a representative of Epe in Lagos State.

  1. justice Reply


    Please my fellow nigerians and the world at large, help us spread this good and bad news for the world to hear our cry and help us out of the hand of yomi and his group.Is a good news beacuse we now know after a long time who the enemies of nigerians are, but is really a bad news because this are still nigerians putting their fellow nigerians in prison, even those who came to buy goods.we dont know who is next.NIgeerian rejoice because jerry is on the run.
    As i listen to this story,i heard consular mr yomi saying that the said mr jerry called him why he was in nigerian.Then what evidence do nigerian government need to know that yomi is working with jerry for jerry to have called him why he was in nigeria? the people went on protest after they have waited mr yomi to act and the ambassador said all the complaints are knew to him that yomi never told him that there was such a time and it was conducted at the embassy.oh oh oh my God come and save us.

    I wonder what the Nigerian government is still waiting for. As i watch the story, i was only crying for the innocent citizens this group have imprisoned.I was told that it was the Nigerian consular mr yomi that interviewed this young boy,and he did nothing about it but rather was hiding it from the ambassador.oh oh oh my God. i am crying now as i write this. No wonder the angry nigerians went on protest against the embassy.come to think about it, the protest was right.they have to raise alarm.

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