Rice Farm Expanding To 3 African Countries

The president of the Dominion US rice firm, Mr Calvin Burgess, has said the firm is expanding to three other countries in Africa in the next one year.

He said the three countries, which he refused to mention at the moment, had sent delegations on a fact finding mission to his farm to discuss the modalities on how to replicate the project in their countries.

Speaking after a recent visit by a government delegation from Nigeria, led by former Nigerian head of state Olusegun Obasanjo, he said, “With improved modern farming technology, Africa should not be faced with perennial famine, as is the case currently.”

Burgess said Africa was bestowed with rich fertile land for crop cultivation but poor technology was to be blame for dwindling food stock annually.

He also said, “In Nyanza province, only 30 per cent of the land is under cultivation. If the remaining portion was put under modern farming technology, famine would be a thing of the past.”

Mr Burgess added that the farm was the sole provider of fingerlings to the government under the Economic Stimulus Program where each of the 210 constituencies countrywide was required to produce 200 fish ponds funded by the government.

The former Nigerian president enjoined countries in the drought-hit Horn of Africa to embrace modern farming practices. He cited the tiny Guinea Bissau, which has food surplus. He said Kenya and Nigeria, had huge chunks of idle lands.

Greater domestic production could save African countries scarce foreign exchange. This will mean more food on each household’s table and more money in the farmers’ pockets. This will in turn contribute to food security and poverty reduction.

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