Africa And China Discussing Rural Development

Delegates from 11 African countries and China have gathered on Sunday to hold a seven-day seminar to discuss rural development and economic growth.

The seminar, being held at Beijing is meant to exchange views and experiences relating to agriculture and rural development, which is the theme of the seminar.

At the opening ceremony, Chief economist and senior vice president of the World Bank, Justin Lin Yifu, said that African countries should take cues from China’s experience in creating a series of policies to boost their agricultural and rural development. He said these policies have also facilitated the country’s economic growth.

Assistant to China’s Minister of Finance, Hu Jinglin, said global grain security can be improved by agricultural cooperation between China and Africa.

China has worked on 142 cooperative agricultural projects with 14 African countries to date. In addition, it has sent 104 agricultural experts to 33 African countries to train more than 4,200 local agricultural technicians.

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