Nigeria: Gunmen Killed Father, Mother, And Six Children

Gunmen attacked and killed a whole family of eight on Sunday at Heipang in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area, a mainly Christian-dominated community in Jos, Nigeria.

The husband was Chollom Gyang, his wife, Hannatu and their six children. The killers are yet to be known.

A News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, correspondent, who visited the house, said some of the victims had deep machete cuts all over their bodies. Others suffered gunshot injuries.

The Commissioner for Information, Yiljap Abraham, said this is not the first of such occurrence in the state and it appears to be fanatical. He said the government is sad that violence continued in spite of efforts to restore peace.

The commissioner added, “No matter the number of military and police personnel, they are not enough to protect everyone. So, government is calling on community and religious leaders and politicians to enlighten their people to help themselves. Arrangements should be made to protect the people; let people take measures to safeguard lives and property in every community.”

He urged the various community and ethnic groups to adopt dialogue, saying that dialogue is the best solution to this persistent violence

Similarly, a bomb was planted in the center of a market in that region, but was discovered by members of the community. They promptly alerted the police and they were able to prevent it from exploding.

Church services were held under heavy security in Jos yesterday, following a rumor that church services will be bloody.
The Police moved out their anti-bomb squad to protect the churches.

Jos, the state capital, and the surrounding area have been hit by waves of violence between Christian and Muslim ethnic groups that have left thousands dead in recent years.

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    May God help….children of God will surely survive

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    the faithful ones, ls this the way we will fold our arms and be watching them

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