Nigeria: 11 Killed Again In Jos

Eleven people have been killed again on Sunday night in separate attacks on villages at Zallaki village near Babale in Jos North Local Government Area.

The attackers, suspected to be Fulani men, were allegedly backed by some uniformed men. They stormed the two villages between 8 and 10pm, shooting sporadically and stopping those who tried to escape.

Similarly, four people, including a 74-year-old man, his wife and two grandchildren were murdered at Dabwak, near Kuru in Jos South Local Government Area. Ten others were injured in nearby Farin Lamba in the local government.

Youths in the area have started protesting. The protest started as a result of the alleged involvement of soldiers in the attack. They burnt four trailers, two buses and two cars.

They accused members of the Special Task Force, STF, of compromising their duty of securing the people, and demanded that they be withdrawn.

Commissioner for Information and Communication, Yiljap Abraham, who led a government delegation to the villages, was near tears, saying Plateau is under siege by external aggressors.

He added that government was working hard to unmask those behind the attacks and that a breakthrough would be made soon.

He described calls for the declaration of a state of emergency in the state as “uncalled for” and urged those making the calls to join hands with others to address the security challenges which he said was not peculiar to Plateau State.

According to an eye witness, the attackers came in two Opel cars and were allegedly later joined by a military Hilux vehicle, adding that the attack lasted about two hours.

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