Rain Predicted For Famine-Hit Southern Somalia

A return to normal or above normal rainfall conditions have been predicted for the famine-hit southern Somalia, eastern, central and coastal Kenya, and in northeastern Tanzania on Wednesday.

The U.N. weather agency said the forecast is for the September to December, an important rainfall season for southern Somalia and other equatorial regions in the Horn of Africa.

The forecast notes that in some parts of the Horn of Africa, September-to-December is not an important rainfall season, and that in those areas there may not be much easing of the drought.

The World Meteorological Organization, WMO says its conclusions were reached at a forum of East African and international meteorologists in Entebbe, Uganda last week.

The acute drought, affecting the entire East Africa region is said to be the worst in 60 years. It has caused a severe food crisis across Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya that threatens the livelihood of more than 12 million people.

Despite international relief efforts, experts have warned that famine is likely to spread to other parts of Somalia over the next few months.

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