Ghana: ‘Flying Witch’ Crashes On Cliff

A woman, who called herself a witch, was on Wednesday found naked by some soldiers in the middle of heaped stones at the Military Dogs Training School compound in Accra.

The soldiers, who were on their daily patrol duties spoke on condition of anonymity. They said they found her about 7:00 a.m. lying helplessly between two heaps of stones, carried her and laid her by the roadside. They later reported the case to the Airport Police Station, but the police refused to have anything to do with her.

The spokesman for the soldiers on duty added that they had never seen her in the area before, and could not explain how she managed to get into the yard through the security wall, to get to where she was lying.

The woman, in her eighties gave her name as Buokuor Fiadzigbe and mentioned one of her daughters as Adiza. She said she was a native of Sokpoe Sogakope in the Volta Region, and lives with her family between Maamobi and Nima.

She confessed that she was in a company of about 15 witches, operating from Nima to a place “where only God knows”, when she crashed to the ground.

The woman could neither sit upright nor walk, and there were bruises all over her body. She was somehow angry that people had surrounded her.

The Red Cross officials came to the scene, dressed her up, and took her to the Airport Police Station, but policemen and women on duty refused to take her particulars, or to help identify her relatives.

The red cross officials took her to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital but was rejected by the Medical Assistant on duty, Achnoo Kofi Warlasi.

Warlasi said the woman was not mentally ill and that the hospital only takes care of people who are mentally unstable, adding that her injuries were physical and, therefore, asked the Red Cross personnel to take her to a different hospital.

The woman appeared very weak. She could barely talk nor eat. All she demanded was water.

The Red Cross official then drove the woman to the Kotobabi Police station, which was a short distance from the hospital. But the police for the second time disappointed the Good Samaritan. They refused to take charge of the poor old woman. They were rather very angry that the woman was brought to the station.

The Red cross official was advised to leave her to her fate after trying different hospitals and police stations and none was ready to take her.

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