Nigeria: Islamic Sharia Court Sentences Two To Amputation

An Islamic sharia court in the village of Nassarawan Mailayi, Zamfara sentenced two men to amputation of their right wrists for stealing a bull worth N130,000 (about $900)

Under Thursday’s sentence, Auwalu Abubaka, 23, and Lawalli Musa, 22, will have their right hands chopped off in public, if it is given final approval.

They were arraigned on August 8, following complaints to the police by a resident accusing them of stealing his bull from his house, which led to their arrest, court documents showed.

However, the two men have 30 days to appeal their sentence and the state governor must approve it before it can be executed.

Judge Muhammadu Abubakar said, “Based on the admission of guilt by the two of you of trespassing into the house and stealing a bull whose worth is well above the minimum value to warrant amputation, I hereby order that each of you should have his right wrist amputated. I hereby order that the sentence be carried out on October 8, on market day for members of the public to witness.”

Sharia has been instituted in Nigeria as a main body of civil and criminal law in 12 states since 1999 and it has since been implemented in the states, which are predominately Muslim states in northern Nigeria, but it is selectively enforced. It provides for amputation of the wrist for theft and it would be the second time such a sentence is handed down in Zamfara. It is also the only state that practices it.

Such sentences have only rarely been carried out in Nigeria.



  2. Taye Adetunji Reply

    That is their cup of tea they got to drink it. they had the option of been tried in conventional court. since they chose sharia court let them face the full wrath of the law.The questions we should ask ourselves is that what has been the punishment of the various corrupt public office holder in that state. does it mean that those ones are above the law?

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