Kenyan Pipeline Blaze Kills Over 100

More than 100 people have been killed on Monday after a petrol pipeline explosion and fire in Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Thomas Atuti, area police commander said, “We are putting the number of dead at over 100, we are waiting for body bags to put the victims into.”

Deputy police spokesman, Charles Owino also said, “The scene is bad, there is a large number of people burnt to death. There are many bodies, we are yet to count them.”

Eye witness report given by a resident, Joseph Mwego, said, “There had been a leak in the fuel pipeline earlier, and people were going to collect the fuel that was coming out. Then there was a loud bang, a big explosion, and smoke and fire burst up high.”

Firefighters have battled it, trying to contain the fire, while both police and soldiers have cordoned off the area.

Report said many who have not been burnt beyond recognition have been rushed to hospitals around Nairobi.

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