100 Jobless Ugandans Stranded In Kenya

More than 100 Ugandans are stranded in Nairobi, Kenya where they were taken by a local firm with promises of jobs in Iraq, Afghanistan and Qatar.

Surety International Placements Agency Services Uganda Ltd, headed by Jonathan Egalal, a Ugandan residing in the US, recruited more than 200 Ugandan youth, and promised them jobs in different countries as security guards.

Report says they are part of the group that was arrested last month and deported under suspicion that they were recruits for an unknown terrorist organization.

Fifty of them were arrested by the Kenyan Police and handed over to the local authorities. Over 100 of their colleagues remained in Nairobi, unsure of their fate.

Egalal is also the recruitment co-coordinator of Recied Jamming Systems, an international organization that reportedly recruits staff for embassies and people to work in hostile areas.

The leaders of the stranded Ugandans said they were recruited two years ago and given thorough training in different courses, which included dog handling and VIP protection.

He said their departure had delayed due to a conflict that emerged between their recruitment firm and another over their licenses.

According to some recruits, Egalal confessed that he did not have a license to take them out of the country, but assured them he was working on it. He accused another local security firm of sabotaging him.

But last month, Egalal’s firm called them and announced it was ready to take them for their jobs. They gathered their things and were transported to Kenya, which they were told was a better departure country.

Egalal reportedly has another company in Kenya that handled similar missions, called Surety Placements Kenya, Zambia Ltd.

The recruits were reportedly dumped at Kasarani, where they are confined to small hostels and depend on Egalal’s executives for food – usually one meal a day. They have no money and most of them cannot devise alternative means of survival.

Last month, a week after they arrived in Kenya, Police swopped in on 40 members of the group after being alerted by citizens. The following day, 10 more were arrested. The rest had nowhere to go, but await their fate.

Egalal had reportedly left for South Africa to make further arrangements for their flights. By Thursday evening, he had neither returned, nor communicated with them. Efforts to reach him were futile.

Deputy Police spokesperson Vincent Ssekate said the 50 people, who were handed over by the Kenyan Police, were released on bond as investigations continue.

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Dear President Museveni,
    I assure you that your policemen Government luck the truthfulness and the professionalism,all what is stated here is false,I’m Jonathan M.Egalal and I was the CEO of Surety International Agency Services Limited in kenya and Uganda.I have personally chosen to respond this fake blog demonistrating my m honesty to your lies that the 40 Ugandans who were arrested in Nairobi and repartrated to Uganda whom you Government is trying to associate them to me were detained at Rapid Response unit in kireka where your security agents always torture and maim innocent people,shameful to your Government after the US ambassador by them intervened and asked you if in Uganda you recruit and train terrorists what you Museveni respond as a president,didn’t you say you do not have terrorists in your Country ??.Yes…i was in Nairobi by then during that time when those 40 Ugandans were arrested and it was your Government who planted them in kenya in order to trap however,that is the very time when you connived with the kenyan security agents to kidnap me and took me to kampala trying to connect me with those people,If i may ask:
    1. how many days did those people stay at the Cells of RRU and they were released?.
    2.After you kidnapping me from Nairobi and took me to RRU,i remember you tried to connect me to Terrorism had it not to be the intervention of Ms Sarah Tonna from the United Nations Human Rights Official and Chistine from the International Commitee of the Red Cross asking your Government to proof the charges you had placed on me ws your Government no going to kill me?
    3.why did your Government change the charges from Terrorism to Human Trafficking after your Government failed to proof charges of human trafficking?
    4.Still on Human trafficking charges the 40 Ugandans were called for identification parade ,none of them knew me and your government was still shameless .
    5.Finally,after failing to connecting me to Human Trafficking charges why did your government still manipulated charges against me of stealing a motor vehicles,where were the motor vehicles and who was the owner of the motor vehicles.Please in conclusion if what was published here is true then Sarah Tonna and Christine are my witnesses.Time for you and your family is drawing closer
    Very Respectiful,
    Jonathan M.Egalal
    CEO & Owner
    Jegalal Advanced Enterprise Solutions LLC

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